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Objects for Living

Guide P Rama Krishna Rao
Sponsor Ayush Kasliwal Design Pvt. Ltd.
Keywords ergonomic parameters;market study;perceptual evaluation;transportable

This project was about designing a range of useful objects for living, understanding how various phases give shape to one’s life; the products had to be designed for users in the age group of 25–45.

The products that would be conceptualised and created were supposed to have an ergonomic and functional approach; these would be an extension to its current product range. These products were supposed to be visually unique; they should be easily distinguishable from the products currently available in the market and at the same time be transportable (knock down) as well.

After understanding the company’s manufacturing processes, a market study was done to establish the kind of products that are available in the market, to know the competitors, and identify the problem areas. Based on this research, design and ergonomic parameters were drawn and a basic outline of furniture possibilities was established. A perceptual evaluation helped choose four concepts which were further developed and detailed. Technical help from the company helped form details for the manufacturing of a prototype. The outcome was four objects; namely, two chairs, a shoes rack, and a storage box, all part of the three languages derived from the AKFD look. Full scale prototypes of the same were made in proposed materials.

The diploma project gave one a good opportunity to reflect on the learning gained at NID. It was realised that at a personal level, design is subjective but as it begins to communicate with the consumer, one’s priorities as a designer must change. The interaction with colleagues, their understanding, as well as one’s articulation were also an integral part in the work process. The communication at every level was good, and the team was able to work together towards achieving the set goals.
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