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Lighting for Aline Design Pvt. Ltd

Guide Amresh Panigrahi
Sponsor Aline Design Pvt. Ltd.
Keywords design synthesis;Indian aesthetics;profit;textures

The key objective of this project was to define a key image of ADPL based on its existing expertise in design, technical finesse, and production; design synthesis took place as per these three aspects. This visual and experiential exercise in-turn helped develop a platform for creating products for the space. It was learnt that while catering to mass market one cannot earn money by selling the product on high profit margins, but one could make profit by using one’s resources thoughtfully and reducing the overall labour charges and material waste.

The design that was created had an Indian aesthetic touch to it. Various keywords derived from the feel and visuals on India led to the final concepts of Shantiniketan, Royal, and Caravan, which became the base of the form, texture, and mechanism for the product range. The product range is t light or electric lighting which depicts Indian aesthetics with a contemporary touch. The main features of these lightings are the mechanisms that support them and the play of finishes and textures.

The design process learnt in at NID, gave one a complete approach to one’s project right through research, ideation, form explorations, and designing the final product. The project, in turn, taught one how to work towards the vision of the company to get a good outcome without losing the integrity of one’s initial concepts.

As an individual, the most important learning gained was the need to be organised and adhere to the deadlines set by the company.
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