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Packaging Design for FMCG

Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsor Dy Works
Keywords consumers;graphic communication;market;visuals

The objective of this project was to understand packaging. It was important to understand this subject as it helped understand design from a consumerís point of view. When a product enters the market, its success will be based upon what it is and who are the consumers who will pick the product from the market. So, for a designer, it becomes important to be aware of the background of the product, market, competitors, and consumers.

Visuals have become ubiquitous and in this context it is important to understand packaging design as an effective tool of communication. Packaging alone has limited scope, but it does play an important role in the success of a product or a brand. Packaging Design is a mix of Graphic Design elements. It includes images, illustration, type and graphic form, all at the same time on a pack to communicate to the consumers. It is the most easily available graphic communication which people are exposed to at their homes or in markets.

The project required one to develop packaging design for the products of HUL and Britannia. This project was a great way to know the consumers, understand design from their perspective, and give them innovatively designed products. There is a lot of scope for Packaging Design in India and it will make people aware about design.

This project imparted valuable learning in terms of design, professionalism, packaging, semiotic study, design directions, visual mood boards, team work, meeting deadlines, and client reviews. It was an opportunity to know design and create meaning through design.
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