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Health Care Opportunities in the Indian Market

Guide Bhaskar M R Bhatt
Sponsor Icarus Design Pvt.Ltd.
Keywords emergency medicine;nosebleeds;patent search;user-friendly

This main aim of this project was to identify product-related opportunities in the healthcare market in India; the project began with a round of thorough research in hospitals across Bengaluru.

A collaboration with several doctors throughout the project helped gain an insight into the hospital environment and develop a database of opportunity areas related to emergency medicine. As the project progressed, a single opportunity area was selected through elimination; this was connected to the problem of nosebleeds. Previous research and interviews with doctors revealed that the Emergency Department of any hospital attends to 57 cases of nosebleeds daily. Looking closely into the products available to stop nosebleeds, it was discovered that not many products were available for dealing with this condition; a patent search also revealed the same.

Work began on designing a product which would help users to quickly stop a nosebleed, and at the same time, help to contain the blood being lost, thus reducing the stress and anxiety associated with nosebleeds. At every stage, the product was tested so that it could be made more user-friendly. The product consists of a clip and an absorbent pad which could be wrapped around the nose. It could be used in situations of spontaneous nosebleeds, hypertensive nosebleeds, nosebleeds due to trauma, and in a post-operative scenario in case of surgery done on the nose.

This project focused on emergency medicine in the Indian scenario, involved intensive research and helped sensitise one to crucial matters related to healthcare in India.
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