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Disruptive Innovation: Cool Drinking Water Solution

Guide Praveen Nahar
Sponsor Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Ltd.
Keywords alignment of intention;innovation;iteration;manufacturing

This project was about developing a solution for cool drinking water with an understanding of the Disruptive Innovation process at Godrej’s Innovation Centre. This project was a combination of two major design courses taught in Product Design at NID: Systems Design and Technically Complex Product. The final deliverable was a new product development for the Innovation Centre at Godrej & Boyce.

The project was a reflection on what should be the “design way” in the industry which is heavily dominated by manufacturing. Work had to be done within budgetary constraints and accessible resources in order to deliver an outcome within six months.

If the true intent of design is to serve society, then, manufacturing is one of the larger channels to make any societal impact. This project provided deeper insights into the alignment of intention, which is an extremely critical aspect of design thinking. The iterative method of research helped develop tangibles on paper and within the concept development phase; it proved to be a useful method of research when working with technology.

The project also gave an opportunity to experiment with technology in its very early stages, thereby making design forge a strong interface with technology and its outcomes. Employing design as a different thinking approach, rather than an entity or a process should be the way forward for this project. The project gave considerable information on how innovation
worked in the three domains of design, technology, and business in the context of an emerging India.
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