Sujata Ratandeep Verma |

Ambience through Studio Pottery: A Glimpse to the Creations in the Atelier of a Potter

Guide Neelima Hasija
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords ambience;gardens;handmade ceramic art;studio pottery

The aim of this project was to get a thorough understanding of the ambience in a potter’s studio, taking into consideration the hand skills essential to create exclusive products.

Research was done on the developments in the field of ceramics and the evolution of the concept of studio pottery. Various techniques possible in clay were looked into. The project was further strategised towards gaining a first-hand understanding of the ambience of those pottery studios across India that have batch production facilities. This gave an insight into the various intricacies involved in smaller set-ups and the ways in which potters define their approach towards their infrastructure, their work, and the society in general. A study on various lifestyle stores helped gain information on the prevailing trends in the market and the demand for handmade ceramic products in the stores, along with identifying the niche clienteles.

The target audience for this project was a niche category of individuals displaying a willingness to spend for handmade products. The lifestyles and preferences of these people were looked into; the area for the product range was fixed to gardens. Semi-exterior spaces were also studied so that the product presence could extend to these spaces as well. Work that was done at Anju Pawar’s studio—Pot Tree Ceramics, was not restricted to a single range of products, and it portrayed a visual language which defines a line of continuity that can be carried forward to other ranges.

This project opened up an entirely new horizon for handmade ceramic art. Apart from the requisite skill enhancement insights, the hands-on experience of working with the materials was extremely rewarding; the lives of studio potters speak volumes about the patience and dedication with which they create their works.
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