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Reimagining Ergonomics of a Motorized Two-wheeler for India

Guide Praveen Nahar
Sponsor Jamsetji Tata Universal Design Chair
Keywords cognitive abilities;ergonomic study;pneumatic cylinders;usability methods

Motorised two-wheelers are one of the most common and affordable forms of transport. The experience that users have with their vehicle varies owing to the difference in interaction between the two-wheeler and the rider. Hence, the objective of the project was to explore and re-imagine the ergonomics for motorised two-wheelers in the Indian context by considering user abilities, body types, age, and gender.

Through user-centric profiling, analytical research of motorised two wheelers and its various components; study of usage patterns and creating various usage scenarios; the usability methods for various aspects of “human-two wheeler” interaction were approached. A detailed ergonomic study revealed that there are differences in the weight distribution, depending on the position of the rider, which after an exhaustive analysis in various scenarios helped identify major points of design intervention.

Ideation of linkages, rider frames, main frames, and alteration mechanisms of the handlebar, seat and foot pegs which define user postures, was done through dummy model making using paper, cardboard, straw, and aluminum. This helped in understanding the coordinates of the two-wheeler and the rider's posture. Operation of movements through pneumatic cylinders and layouts defined the concept and form explorations of the seat and fuel tank.

The final outcome was a motorised two-wheeler which could alter itself in ways to complement a wider spectrum of riders, fitting every user's body structure and cognitive abilities, thereby enhancing the user's experience and interaction with the vehicle while focusing on safety, comfort, performance, and handling of the vehicle. This project gave a glimpse into the practical world of motorised two-wheeler design. The entire process followed during the design project was a rewardi¬ng experience.
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