Mitsu Shah |

Space Redefined: High Density Mobile Storage Solutions for Homes

Guide Nijoo Dubey
Sponsor Kompress India Pvt. Ltd.
Keywords flexibility;monorail compactors;space constraint;storage practices

The burgeoning population of India has made the problem of space constraint more complex; domestic space has shrunk in size and given rise to clutter in contemporary homes; smart storage solutions have become essential. This project attempts to bridge the gap between clutter and lack of space to offer the urban Indian market, contemporary one-stop solutions for all storage needs.

Research was done on storage practices in homes, including the scope for and integration of different types of movable storage systems for domestic use. A successful development and installation of the monorail compactors for a residential library was carried out. This reaffirmed that the high density mobile systems are adaptable for home use and can be customised as per the needs of the client.

The layouts of the space clearly show that utilising mobile compactors takes care of their growing storage needs, is ergonomically sound, can be customised to suit the aesthetics, and is a cost-effective option. Exploration was done on flexibility of the material used in the super structure to blend perfectly with the environment. The existing range of mobile systems was modified and designed bearing in mind ergonomic and environmental considerations, making these systems extremely user-friendly, recyclable, and safe-to use. Technical aspects such as flexibility of construction for transportation, assembly, and dismantling were also borne in mind.

This project provided the ideal opportunity to learn that even the smallest of changes can go a long way in modifying and adapting products from a particular context into another which may be diametrically opposed.
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