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Celebrate-Tea: Tea Sets for New Home

Guide Neelima Hasija
Sponsor Jaipur Ceramic pvt ltd
Keywords contemporary;exclusivity;market research;surface ornamentation

This project was about developing designs for contemporary tea sets and tableware, and creating innovative forms and surfaces for the Indian and international markets, for the NEOS (New Home) collection. Also, it was necessary to develop surface ornamentation for the tableware.

The project began with a study of the production process followed by the sponsor; this helped understand the possibilities and limitations of the project. This was followed by a detailed research of the market and the competitor brands as well as user research, which helped in the concept building. The project focused on creating new designs to be integrated with form and appropriate market research considering various aspects such as colour parameters, trends, human interface, human activities, ergonomics, production possibility, usability aspect, and merchandiser point of view along with user aesthetics, sensibility, and expectation.

Developing the tea set and coffee mugs for high-end consumers and export markets was a challenge. New and exclusive options had to be created, considering specific user groupís sensibilities and expectations. Efforts were made to inculcate exclusivity in the products with the help of form and graphics.

The entire design process gave a firsthand experience of working in the industry. It taught a lot about balancing oneís creative ideas and the scope of the industry. It helped understanding the skill involved in the various areas of design development and the production process. The project gave a greater insight into the practical aspects of working in the industry; it also sharpened oneís creativity and design skills.
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