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Music Videos for Beats Beyond Borders

Guide Ajay Tiwari
Keywords brand value;contemporary music;face recognition;film language

This project focused on creating two music videos for Wize Mindz Entertainment Pvt. Ltd for its upcoming music album called Project Beats Beyond Borders or Project B3. Established singers from India and Pakistan would feature in these videos.

The objective of the project was to deliver quality entertainment which would appeal to the sensibility of the target group; namely, young music lovers who listen to contemporary music from India and Pakistan living in the sub-continent as well as abroad. Work also involved building face recognition and brand value for the artists. The project also aimed to generate a larger market for all its singers. The idea here is to break the stereotypical identities of these singers and brand them afresh as performers and musicians, with special emphasis on their experimentation with new styles.

While working as the director and a board executive producer, a lot of important tasks had to be covered; this included: scripting, looking into the shooting schedule, budgeting, casting, selection of the main creative and technical crew, selection of locations, selection of suppliers of equipment, and scheduling the shooting dates depending on the availability of the artists. The shooting went on for two days. Other responsibilities involved: scheduling and carrying out the post-production, offline editing, colour grading, and DI (Digital Intermediate) online smoke editing, VFX and packaging, censor certification, distribution for television and the internet.

This was a project where one could apply all the learning gained at NID, play with narrative styles, develop better understanding of film language, and understand the process of film production as a whole. This project gave hands on experience of working in all the stages of the filmmaking process, right from conceptualisation to distribution.
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