Mohamed Farooq |

Muthu Mala Mill

Guide Ajay Tiwari
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords camera rigs;crowd funding;memories;slice-of-life film

This is a film about Muthu and Mala, who grew up in the same village spending their adolescence together; they meet again after ten long years. Good friends, suspected as lovers by their families, the two of them got married to different individuals and went on to live in separate places. Their unexpected meeting triggers old memories. Muthu, under great turmoil, is forced to choose between his wife's dream for a baby and lending the money to save Mala.

The film was shot in Tenkasi. The properties were procured from Chennai, Tenkasi, and Tirunelveli as per the requirement. The shoot went on for over five days. The treatment was realistic. The technicalities, camera movements, and camera angles also played a huge role in breaking the wall between the viewer and believability. Two camera rigs were made in order to achieve a steady hand-held look. One third of the total budget was acquired through crowd funding. An auditioning poster was uploaded on Facebook.

Editing was done with instinct instead of constantly referring to the script. The pacing was derived entirely out of the mood of the outcome of the scenes that were shot. The decision to do sync-sound highly added to the realistic flavour of the film.

The dream was to make a “slice-of-life film”. A lot of effort was put in to achieve this in the script level itself. The simpler a film looks, the tougher has been the journey of making it. One needs to spend lot of timewith the actors, rehearse, and extract desirable performances.
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