Rohit Gopal Keluskar |

Information and Experience of Mumbai Railways

Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsor Ideaspice Design
Keywords local trains;narrative;signage;travel culture

This project was about making a “fun book” on the topic, “Mumbai Railways” with necessary information to help experience the local trains in the city. Through this book, Ideaspice aimed to peek in more closely at the travel culture of local trains in Mumbai and combine it with the fun-filled atmosphere of Ideaspice.

Work on this project began with an exploration of the trains in Mumbai, in an attempt to discover the unseen and rediscover that which was already seen. Travelling by train is not easy. It gives rise to all sorts of confusing situations. After analysing experiences of people, six important questions were thought about for guiding one through the journey, right from the ticketing window to the exit. Elements such as information on indicator, crossword on train information, coach description, signage on coach, ladies special, interpreting the map of Mumbai were all mingled in between the narrative in order to convey the essence of Mumbai.

The publications series called, Surviving Mumbai Local Trains can be hand-held while travelling. It becomes interactive when one’s findings and experiences are added into the book, making it more personal. Interviewing people and observing them helped gain a lot of information on their experiences of travelling by the local trains.

The experience of working in the industry and professional environment was a transformation from doing projects all alone without strict deadlines, to being open to feedback from people as well as adhering to deadlines. Different perspectives can definitely add value to one’s learning as well as the product that one designs. Understanding the company process and adjusting one’s style of work as per the culture of the office was an important learning gained.
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