Aniket Halder |

Watches for Fastrack

Guide Bhaskar M R Bhatt
Sponsor Titan Indistries
Keywords customer insight;Fall-Winter 2014;mock-ups;trend forecast

This project focused on a new design language which the target group could identify with and look for upcoming trends in fashion to design watches that symbolise the Fastrack range and style.

The design process was done in consultation with the design team, pro-engineer team, marketing team, and production team. Fastrack has previously come out with various collections such as Tees collection, Commando collection, Bikers collection, and many more. This time it intended to come out with a more individualistic look and feel of watches. The strategy of this brand was to offer diversity in style, colour, form, and material with respect to the upcoming fashion trend. The brand also wanted to come up with a range of watches which could capture a broader target audience, and set up a bigger market in the future for Fastrack fashion watches.

The trend forecast was researched into so as to help develop a mood board on the colour trend Fall-Winter 2014 and material trend for Fastrack watches. Understanding customer insight for the product quality, what they really want to buy and what they are buying, what kind of price and features they are looking for in their future watches was an important part of the research phase. Based on an analysis of the data collected, conceptualisation was undertaken through sketching (paper and digitally), quick mock-ups, and 3D visualisation. This was followed by the refinement of the selected concepts. The shortlisted designs were then developed in CAD and prototyped. As the final deliverable, the concepts were prototyped in the appropriate materials and a 1:1 scale.

This project gave a lot of insight into the psyche of the young people in the country and also provided the inspiration to come up with better designs for them.
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