Shreesh Misra |

Rejuvenating Borosilicate Glass

Guide Neelima Hasija
Sponsor Borosil Glass Works Limited
Keywords brand aesthetic;glassware;pressing technique;surface ornamentation

This project involved developing a number of ranges in borosilicate glass with an intention to rejuvenate glass in its application to tableware. One of the highlights of the design brief in the initial stages was to create a range amalgamating glass with metals such as steel, brass, and aluminium.

The project began with research and explorations, and as the process unfolded itself, several new opportunities were discovered. Thus, the design brief grew to include the development of three ranges—a glass range for pressing technique, a technique which was being under-utilised so far; a stemware range; and a range amalgamating glass and metal.

The ranges were finalised after numerous form explorations, keeping the brand aesthetic in mind. The next step involved generating surface ornamentation patterns to add the finishing touch. The entire project involved developing final manufacturing details for the ranges including, the sourcing of metal parts and determining the ideal manufacturing processes. As Borosil is a renowned name in manufacturing glass and glassware, it follows a specific brand identity and it was important to adhere to it.

The project is by far just a step in trying to tap into a new market for the company, in hoping that these efforts shall come out to the market and would help the company develop further. The project continued for over a period of six months and helped one grow as an individual designer. It was an outstanding learning experience to work in an industry scenario and adhering to its customs. Every idea is worth a million but only if one can pursue it from the first sketch to a physical, tangible entity.
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