Lubna Safi |

Exotic Luxury

Guide Krishna Amin Patel
Sponsor Geisha Designs Pvt.Ltd.
Keywords apparel industry;consumer preferences;digital printing;surface development

This project with Geisha Designs focused on digital printing and surface development. Work on this project involved developing a high fashion trade range women’s wear collection for Spring-Summer ’13.

Research was done on the apparel market, consumers, domestic trends; fashion forecasts and runway reports were referred to. The targets for the collection were the brand conscious women from the elite sections of society; therefore, the collection had to be glamorous, sophisticated, and elegant. On the basis of research, the observations were analysed and translated into concept development.

Over the course of four months, three themes; namely, Mystic Landscape, Tropical Paradise, and Gelato Geometry were conceptualised and developed. The project was an exploration into various aspects of digital printing and apparel design; these explorations led to the development of the collection in accordance with the current trends, markets, consumer preferences, and forecasts.

This project gave an insight into the apparel industry along with giving a unique experience of working on digital textile printing for the Indian and international markets. It was an opportunity to develop one’s soft skills at work, dealing with real scenarios and meeting the set deadlines. Apart from designing, exposure was gained about the real market scenario, communication system in the industry, production planning, and costing. The design process of converting concepts into viable products which offer the consumers value for their money was one of the most important aspects learnt through this project.
Communication Design
FVC (13)
ED (6)
AFD (22)
GD (28)
IID (14)
PHD (6)
I.T. Integrated Design
DDE (11)
NMD (12)
Interdisciplinary Design
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SDM (11)
Industrial Design
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TAD (10)
Textile Design
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