Adhishri Sarah Philemon |

Eco-h : An ode to EEco-h: An Ode to Earth (The Eco-hybrid Collection)arth

Guide Shekhar Chatterjee
Sponsor Alka Sharma; Centre of Study of Values
Keywords fabric sourcing;natural dyeing;printing techniques;sampling

Work on this project was done at Akola, a small village in Chittor district of Rajasthan. This village is known for its block printing and natural dyeing processes. The printing techniques practiced at Akola are Dabu (mud-resist), Rojan (Tar-resist), Khadi printing, discharge printing, and Pigment printing. Some of the prints are as old as 150 years; they include: Rebari print (Dabu), Rayela, Lal Titri, Dholi Titri and Kanta (all part of Phentiya). Phentiya is a process used to print the lehengas worn by the village women.

The parameters given by the client comprised using natural dyes and present blocks for creating a high-end collection and for the domestic as well as international market. These defined the boundaries for creating an ethnic contemporary collection which was called it the “Eco-h” or the Eco-hybrid. Research began by the mapping the trends in the previous years. Further, the stage of concept development included the search for suitable inspirations.

The design brief given by the client comprised developing garments influenced by the Mughal era and the British India. This study helped one analyse the colour palette for the collection. The clientele of Aavaran was studied and its buying patterns mapped. All this information led to the creation of abstracts which were detailed by the illustrations, and were later on, rendered. The fabrics to be used for this collection were finalised. The process of fabric sourcing was followed by that of block printing at Akola; this was followed by sampling.

The final collection has been designed and will be launched in the F/W 2012 high-end collection. The entire project enhanced one’s capabilities as a designer and made one more sensitive towards nature.
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