Ankita Dinesh Maheswari |

Exploring Variety in Borosilicate Glass

Guide Neelima Hasija
Sponsor Borosil Glass work Ltd
Keywords borosilicate tubes;glassware industry;manufacturing techniques;market demand

This project was about developing a range of products in two categories: Drink ware and Tea lights. The aim was to develop products from one form; namely, borosilicate tubes. In the initial stages, the design brief stressed on making full use of the properties of borosilicate glass for designing the products.

In the initial stages of the project, research was undertaken through conducting market and user study; the material was explored with various manufacturing techniques. The idea was to come up with something new and unheard of within the set limitations. While conducting market and user study regarding Borosil vision glasses, a huge demand was felt for its new form in glassware. Factors such as production limitation, adding bits to reduce the production limitation, market demand and userís need were taken into consideration during the ideation stage; they were transformed into concepts and then taken into the final production. The design brief concluded with the aim of developing products which could cater to the need of the masses and can be sold in sets as drinking glasses.

The entire project involved developing final manufacturing details for all the ranges. It also included sourcing of metal parts and determining the ideal manufacturing processes. This project not only helped gain a deep insight into the functioning of the glassware industry but also helped one grow as an individual designer.

This project gave wings to oneís imagination and creativity and turned out to be an outstanding platform to learn how design fundamentals could be applied in the industry.
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