Pradeep Kumar Sekaran |

Aura Menswear Collection: Spring Summer 2013

Guide Sanjay Guria
Sponsor Aura Herbal Textiles Ltd
Keywords herbal dyes;minimalistic prints;organic cotton;wood carving

This project aimed at creating a range of menswear for Spring Summer 2012. Keeping in mind the consumers who look at comfort and quality as priorities in clothing, this range which would be sold through retail outlets of Aura was designed. The concept was to design a menswear collection for Spring Summer 2013 featuring prints based on the traditional wood carving in Gujarat.

The initial stage of the project comprised research on the global and Indian organic cotton market, apparel market, consumers, and runway trends. Analysis of this research, combined with the inputs gained from the project guide and mentor, helped create different looks for this menís ready-to-wear collection for Spring Summer 2013.

After studying the traditional wood carving in Gujarat, minimalistic prints were created which were used as a part of this menswear collection. Since the project was aimed at creating menswear for a herbal-wear brand, the garments were made out of organic cotton dyed in herbal dyes. The collection which consists of comfortable trousers, shorts, kurtas, and T-shirts is elegant in every way.

This project was a great opportunity to get a clear insight into the functioning of the industry, along with other aspects of it such as production planning and costing. The project taught a lot about consumer behaviour in India and helped one understand it better. Since, international market trend study also fell into the ambit of this project, it proved to be an immensely valuable learning experience.
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