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Healthcare Service for JustDial

Guide Shashank Mehta
Sponsor JustDial Pvt Ltd
Keywords psychographics;scalability;service models;service plan

This project focused on exploring JustDial’s possibilities of entering the healthcare sector, wherein, –“healthcare” means: private doctors, clinics, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and wellness centres.

It was essential to understand the relationship between JustDial and its clients so as to provide the latter with additional services that can be offered under the JustDial Tech Sol division. It was also important to gain the end user perspective while using services pertaining to healthcare and narrow down the problem areas. Suggesting strategic changes that could help client and user retention and create value added advantages over competitor was also done.

User study, user mapping, psychographics/demographics, and trend analysis were some of the major research tools used. Service models were conceptualised with short, medium, and long-term objectives, keeping the scalability aspect in mind. The prototype/service design model was made based on user testing and refinement. This project involved successful designing and implementation of the JustDial Mobile website.

It increased one’s knowledge about technology enabled healthcare services and their impact on end users. This helped create an innovative service plan for a healthcare platform that addressed the real needs of end users. A service proposal was suggested that would provide the user a holistic value-led platform that catered to the entire ecosystem of healthcare comprising patients, doctors, clinics, hospitals, R&D centers, pharmacies, and medical equipment manufacturers.
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