Ankur Gupta |

Online Grocery Retail Platform

Guide Deval Kartik
Sponsor Justdial Ltd.,
Keywords cash-on-delivery mode;grocery lists;impulsive buying;user experience

The aim of the project was to strategise a mobile application for selling grocery in an online marketplace where consumer transactions would be processed by Justdial, then delivered and fulfilled by participating retailers/wholesalers. The task was to integrate Online Grocery Retail Application to the current WAP site of Justdial.

The Justdial online platform would provide grocery to the users from a nearby grocery store at the best price. This will also help save time, travel cost, and parking woes. The application will help users maintain and share grocery lists along with keeping a check on impulsive buying. The user will have the option of comparing prices, buying from two stores simultaneously; get delivery on a convenient time, pay using the cash-on-delivery mode, and through coupons.

The merchants would get business leads from the Justdial’s existing local search engine. As the response after the launch of the service would be very fast and Justdial will have enough time to react on the responses from the users and make necessary changes if required in both business model and user experience. The first phase involved participation of the big grocery stores mostly supermarkets with organised data, where implementation of the service would be easier. In the second phase, wholesale and small grocery shops could have a presence on this platform. Justdial’s marketplace would allow small grocery shops to buy stock from the wholesale market.

The next two years would be the testing period for this service and user responses would be very crucial to make necessary changes in the future.
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