Malav Nilesh Sanghvi |

Vaccine Storage Solution for Sub-Centres

Guide Shashank Mehta
Sponsor Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Keywords cold chain system;gasketing;immunisation;simple product

Work for this project was done at Godrejís Disruptive Innovation division, an initiative to develop new products or services which can disrupt the existing market. The design brief was very open ended and provided the freedom to experiment.

The project focused on the development of a product platform of cooling solutions for cold chain, using green/renewable sources of energy. An exploratory approach was adopted in terms of concept generation, system application, technology, and platform approaches. Research included studying and analysing the existing cold chain system in terms of the storage and transportation of vaccines, from the manufacturing level to the delivery level. The medical appliance and immunisation sector also demanded a deeper and wider understanding. The work focused on the system design and application of the product in the existing system than towards developing a form based, elegant and simple looking product.

Research led to the application of the product at the Sub-Centre level instead of the existing last point storage at the Primary Health Centre. What was required was a simple product which could be easily manufactured and assembled. The product market was aimed at approaching the government and organisations such as WHO, UNICEF, and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which would fund the product to improve the immunisation system in India.

The challenge was to execute the minor detailing of the product such as hinge mechanism, opening mechanism, sealing, and gasketing of the product in the simplest possible manner. Caught between designing, application, and production; this project provided insights about the way the real life is.
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