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Untangle: Streamlining Resource Management Processes

Guide Shashank Mehta
Sponsor J.P. Morgan Services India Pvt. Ltd.
Keywords brokerage;information flow;resource management;templates

JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMC) is an industry leader providing clearing, custody, operations, financing technology, and order execution capabilities to broker-dealers worldwide. Brokerage Technology Services (BTS) solely looks into providing technology related solutions for overall brokerage businesses across all JPMC verticals.

Work for this project was done at the Project Management Office (PMO) at BTS, Mumbai. The PMO acts as the decision support system that facilitates the higher management’s critical decision making capability and provides project oversight and control. At BTS, PMO ‘Resource’ refers to the people working on specific projects in the organisation and resource management processes involve gathering information regarding resource utilisation and requirements, forecast, skill sets, performance evaluation, and recruitments. To do so, it relies on processes and tools that can correctly record, analyse, and gauge the data received.

The focus of this project was to streamline the existing resource management processes so as to simplify the information flow in forms of templates and gather relevant information, synthesise the same into appropriate and decipherable data to communicate BTS, Mumbai’s status and provide the higher management an overview of the resources in different teams.

Processes do not operate in isolation; process, people, and technology go hand in hand. A holistic study of the environment in which the resources interact with different components was undertaken.The deliverables were in the form of templates designed for efficient information work flow and a detailed yet simplified, streamlined resource management process that imbibed these templates to enable the stakeholders to speak a common language, follow a common process, and access a singular PMO content asset framework.
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