Aditi Mukherji |

The Arvind Store

Guide C S Susanth
Sponsor Four Dimensions Retail (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Keywords business-to-business;customised clothing;fabric retailing;thaan

The project involved designing an Experience Centre for Arvind called ‘The Arvind Store’. Arvind has been into retailing fabrics in the business-to-business format for decades and now aspires to compete with brands such as Raymonds and Reid & Taylor in this sector. Arvind aims to revolutionise fabric retailing by changing the way the merchandise—fabric rolls or thaan is being marketed, displayed, and experienced.

This project involved in-depth user and market study to derive inferences. This analysis helped create a retailing experience that was unique, futuristic, and experiential for consumers. This store had to bring in the needs of creating customised clothing; hence, be able to shift the customer base from ready-to-wear towards tailor-made apparel.

The store design project treated thaans as lifestyle products. A concept based on spaces within spaces by creating different personalities that could attract different groups of targeted customers. Each zone depicted experiences pertaining to that particular personality.
The store was given the look and feel of an atelier or design studio to portray the brand as a personal designer and to make the store stand out from other fabric retailing brands in India.

One of the major advantages of working in a firm where manufacturing and design both take place is that one is in constant touch with the other side; this becomes a learning experience in itself. This project helped look at design from the manufacturing point of view. The biggest gain from this work has been the new found confidence in being able to efficiently handle real time projects.
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