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Chotukool: A Brand Strategy

Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsor Godrej & Boyce Mfg.Co.Ltd.
Keywords communication strategy;creativity;emotional branding;tagline usage

This project was about developing a communication strategy for Chotukool, a thermoelectric cooler used for storing perishable items. The communication campaign was a way to introduce Chotukool to the top and bottom of the pyramid. The biggest challenge was to fit this product among all sections of the society; hence, the concept—‘Anyway. Anywhere’.

While designing, it was important for people who developed the product to connect emotionally and associate with it. Conceptualisation was started after many field visits, interviews, consumer research, and case studies. Target profiles of users were created and analysed. Sketches of places and spots having Chotukool were made. Emotional branding was kept in mind while coming up with the concepts. These concepts were later validated with various consumers.

Finally, visuals were developed for the selected ideas. Among the areas covered were the icon, symbol, typeface, tagline usage, identity applications, value adds, packaging, and newspaper ads for the Chotukool brand.

This project helped learn several things such as: marketing techniques, management skills, corporate norms and regulations, sales and purchase, as well as manufacturing. It helped realise how creativity comes naturally and cannot be taught; the design process in this project was all about making connections—all the concepts, ideas, and insights helped come up with a strong concept in the end. The importance of meeting deadlines and the value of punctuality were strongly imbibed.
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