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Petticoats for Pomegranates: A Publication by Purplemango

Guide Tarun Deep Girdher
Sponsor Purplemango (India)
Keywords design awareness;hand drawn illustrations;speech bubbles;typeface

The objective of this project was to design a publication compiling thoughts, ideas, and approaches of the sponsor studio. Apart from promoting the studio and its work, it would also serve as a tool for design awareness, inspiration, or reference.

After the initial brainstorming, the scope of the project grew to encompass re-branding the studio and the creation of a cross platform visual language. The initial task was designing the stationary and collaterals such as the visiting cards and letterheads among others. It was decided to create a bold band of colour with little objects all along while creating the story. Illustrations were sketched and then vectorised. A typeface was selected for the stationery. A lot of thought went into deciding the hierarchy of information that would go on the card.

The content and illustrations for the book were developed side by side. To maintain continuity between the illustrations, it was decided to develop three central characters around whom the story revolved. Additional characters were introduced when required. It was decided create hand drawn illustrations. The finished illustrations were digitally touched up and speech bubbles were added wherever necessary. The size and layout of the book was then looked at. Various layouts were explored before arriving at the final ones. Once the layouts were finalised, the book design began. After test printing, colour correction, and proof reading, the final book was ready for print.

This project provided a lot of professional learning accompanied with personal reflection and evaluation.
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