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Tibetan Headline Typeface Design

Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsor Itu Chaudhuri Design
Keywords headline face; letterforms;lineal design;traditional calligraphic lettering

The Tibetan typefaces that are used today are either a direct digitisation of, or based on, traditional calligraphic lettering. Newspapers play a pivotal role in means of communication for the government and the society. In the past two decades, with a stable financial support and widening readership, Tibetan publications have been aplenty. Presently, newspapers are being published in Tibetan; they have with a considerable circulation in India, Europe, and America.

Tibetan typefaces used in these newspapers are not designed to sustain poor printing conditions and inexpensive stocks, where legibility is a major concern. Many of the problems identified in Tibetan typefaces, typography, and layout designs are typically due to the writing system and the letterforms. This project was an attempt to solve these problems. The project was to design a headline face that will define the tone of newspapers in Tibetan. It aims to create a typeface that reflects the contemporary cultural aesthetics and provide a personality, different from the traditional calligraphic designs. It is an attempt to question the long prevailing traditional design and its relevance in this age.

Like the grotesque typefaces that emerged in the late 18th to early 19th century Europe, this design hopes to bring out a new form that would reflect the new age. Duesar is a display typeface with a redefined proportion and simplified letterforms designed especially for newspaper headlines. The lineal design is aimed to meet the requirement for a modern typeface in contemporary Tibetan publications.

This project has immensely contributed to my growth as a person and as a designer.
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