Shantanu Salgaonkar |

Publication Architecture for Breakthrough

Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsor ItuChaudhuri Design
Keywords knowledge architecture;manual;templates;time management

This project was done for Breakthrough, a global human rights organisation. The focus was on catagorising and summarising the content generated by the organisation, along with designing an architecture for its publications.

The project was divided into two phases: publication architecture and publication design. The first phase helped in creating a clear path of execution for each publication. It defined the nature of content needed to deliver the intent. It involved an exhaustive look at all the roles played by Breakthrough such as advocacy, training, and campaigns and delved deep into content types and subtypes. All the information collected was compiled in a manual and critiques were formed for individual publications. Apart from helping the client in understanding the architecture, this manual helped plan and visualise the publications as a whole.

The next step was to design the templates using data from the knowledge architecture developed in phase one. The templates detailed the elements that would be standardised as well as the ones that would be left for designers and the owners of the document to decide. Every publication was designed to be functionally independent, but when seen together, the publications, would look like a system that would illustrate the workings of an organisation such as Breakthrough.

This project was a great learning experience and an eye opener to different issues. Working on various publications at the same time and designing elements for them was a challenge. Lessons were learnt in time management and in the planning aspect of design.
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