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Generator: Branding

Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsor Generator LLP
Keywords information architecture;information architecture;user research;wire framing

Generator CD stands for Generator Creative Digital, which is a new design house based in New Delhi that deals with projects related to branding, web design, publication design, phone application design, and other such areas.

The initial logo ideas were sketched, which included looking at geometric ways to write the word “generator” using different symbolic gestures to suit the brand. The inspiration for the visual identity of the design was selected on the basis of something that generates electric vibes. Forms based on lightning bolts, electrical wires, sonar, waves, and zig zag elements were looked at. It was decided that the logo and graphic element should be a composite one. The idea in encasing the word “generator” with a zig zag element was to evoke a sense of electrical charge upon viewing and remind clients that the company is edgy, young, and in touch with the latest technology.

For the user research for the portfolio website, different websites of graphic design firms, which are similar in scale and infrastructure to Generator, were studied. After the research phase, the various steps followed were: user study, re-articulation of brief, concept explorations, flow chart, and wire framing. Once the wire framing was done, the website was designed using Adobe Illustrator. After consulting with the programmer, the website was designed on the smallest resolution—960X700 px. Keeping the basic design and sitemap in mind, different interaction elements were added to the website. The typography used in the webpage comprised Gotham Book, Arial, and Telegrafico which is the logo font. The final website had four sections: About, Work, Play, and Contact.

Designing the website was a very good experience in learning how to organise content and figure out information architecture outside the context of print and publication.
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