Naga Hasitha G J |

Wall Tiles for India

Guide Immanuel Suresh
Keywords base tiles;colour palettes;highlighters;photo journal

This project aimed at designing an interesting, new range of surfaces for ceramic wall tiles for Indian houses. The wall tiles would have different components such as base tiles and highlighters. These were to be visualised keeping in mind the Indian market scenario.

Developing a range of wall tiles for a nationwide clientele was a big challenge; it would involve understanding a wider user group and designing tiles that would work in multiple contexts while trying to relate them to the customers on a personal level. In the project, there was a constant quest to integrate the need of the customer with the benefits of available technology.

The design process was modified to fit the needs of the company while creating a clear path for the various stages of production. A lot of visuals had been used along with a photo journal of the lifestyle choices of the customers. Colour palettes were finalised with inspiration images and also possibilities in the production infrastructure. The final range of products created were in two ranges of digitally printed collections—one for the interior tiles, and the other for exterior tiles. This project also looked into the conceptualisation of digital technology and its possibilities in the near future.

Working on this project was an experience in itself because it often involved interaction with the top management with regard to design concepts were presented and finalised. The extent of openness that came through the course of the project was refreshing and very encouraging. It is of prime importance that one learns to work in harmony with the company and management; this was the most important learning gained. The experience of working for the industry was unmatched, one learnt about production processes, time frames, and work systems.
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