Rana Sen Pratap | ranapt4@gmail.com

Story of Silhouette Drawings

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords ambient sounds;ball and socket armature;disability;stop-motion animation

This is a film about a differently-abled child, who has a multifunctional mechanical gadget attached to his leg, and imagines himself as powerful and strong. In his daydreams, he is a brave superhero who performs extraordinary feats and helps other people with the help of his prosthetic leg. But in reality, he is shunned and treated as an invalid. He expresses his desires, frustration, and emotions through his drawings and doodles.

The target audience for this stop-motion film comprised children and youngsters. The message of this film is to encourage differently-abled kids to explore their positive traits and build their self-confidence. Putting in nearly two years of work, a gadget called, Zyropix was created; the gadget facilitates a multitude of cinematographic shots in stop-motion animation. After the initial research, interfacing with differently-abled children was done at Kiran, a Varanasi-based NGO. The information and feedback received from this interaction proved to be vital for the progress of the film.

After viewing several inspiring films, the work on scripting, storyboarding, and character design began. The final characters were constructed with ball and socket armature. After the shoot, the most important stage was the clean up, colour correction, and compositing. For the soundtrack, audio interviews with children as well as ambient sounds of a small town were recorded. Some live-action sequences were inserted in the film to augment the connection with reality.

Working on this film was a great learning experience. It helped in clarifying the vision not only in terms of animation and filmmaking but also in terms of understanding the essence and special nature of disability.
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