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Vicious: A Music Video

Guide Arun Gupta
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords morphing;MTV;retro psychedelia;2D Flash animation

This project focused on creating a music video for the track titled, Vicious, featured on the upcoming album Calamitunes by the Bengluru-based indie rock group, The Bicycle Days. This would be the bandís first music video. The video helped establish the visual identity of a young, upcoming music group, and is an experimental mix of various media for animation.
The theme is one of retro psychedelia; a tribute to the early MTV music videos of the eighties and other influences of growing up in the nineties era of old style cartoons. Various media were experimented with, using 2D Flash animation, stop-motion with inks, and live footage of the band performing. This makes it a visually exciting piece, both to work on, and share with an audience. The best part of the project was working with individuals and a band that inspired and encouraged one to play around visually and animate the kind of morphing style one had always emulated. A consistent process of relearning was necessary to reach a final output and treatment while working with both animation and live action.
The final deliverable is a three minute, fifty-five second mixed-media music video. It will be screened during the band's live performances and shared on their online and other platforms to gather crowd interest, while adding a visual element to the whole concert experience.
Every stage of trial and error that came as part of this project, helped improved the style of animation. This project has given a lot of confidence to work with more confidence in the field of design, art, and music.
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