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Greeny: An Animation Flim

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Dixan Communications
Keywords Adobe Flash;character design;colour palettes;environmental awareness

This project focused on making a pilot episode for a series of environmental animated shorts based on the theme of environmental awareness. The target audience was a wide one, comprising corporates and TV channels. This pilot was centered around the character design and the appeal of the protagonist.

A small, delicate sapling called Greeny, is growing under the shade of a banyan tree in a small jungle. This jungle is soon to be destroyed by the onslaught of advancing machines. Greeny resolves to save the banyan tree from doom. The pilot ends with Greeny uprooting itself and escaping from the enclosure.

Character design was the most important part of the entire pre-production stage.
A considerable amount of time was spent in designing the sapling, the banyan tree, the jungle, and the machinery. The sapling had to have a universal child-like appeal. The machines had to look gigantic and frightening in size, when compared to the trees in the forest. Several drafts of the storyboard were created along with detailed colour palettes and treatments. A lot of different styles were explored to create a proper amalgam of hand drawn and digital styles for the final treatment of the film. Adobe Flash and Photoshop were the primary tools used for this purpose.

This project afforded the opportunity of working with experienced filmmakers in generating a pitch for a character-driven animation series. Single-handedly working on a pitch was equally challenging and rewarding.
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