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Aajoli (Grandmother’s Home): A Short Animation Film

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords colour palette;expressions;maternal love;sound library

This film tells the story about a grandmother and her grandson, who used to spend their time together. The grandmother cherishes those days and reminisces on them when she has to work at home all alone.

This film is based on personal experiences. Her younger son's death made the grandmother transfer her maternal love and care towards the two children of his deceased son. The separation of both the kids from the grandmother was a constant cause of worry for her. The film has been digitally drawn, composited, and coloured. It is set on the riverside and on landscapes around it. The reference pictures from a recce helped develop backgrounds and layouts. The initial mood of the film is happy and towards the end it becomes sad; hence, for an appropriate colour palette for the film, Hayao Miyazaki’s animated feature film, My Neighbor Totoro was referred to for studying the portrayal of different moods.

A well-designed character would surely appeal to the audience. The character of the grandma was incomplete without a very expressive face. As there was no dialogue in the film and it was completely based on different moods, expressions were crucial to convey the characters’ emotions. In the compositing stage, all elements were put together in a single frame. This film included the sounds on the riverbanks, birds, and different activities at farms, so there was a basic sound library that was used while producing the film.

This film does not look for a solution. This film is a reaction to the changes which have happened in one’s own native place; it is also a way of paying homage to family life, its complexities, and sacrifices.
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