Roshni Ray |

Games to Initiate Questioning

Guide Gayatri Menon
Sponsor Mind edutainment Pvt.Ltd
Keywords edutainment industry; experimentation;questioning skills ;storytelling kits

The sponsor is involved with the cognitive, social, and emotional development of children in the school environment. It focuses on imparting thinking skills and thinking processes through various tools built in the programme (physical games).

The design process for this project began by studying in detail the research topic and knowing the target age group in the relevant context and understanding users and their requirements. Interviews were taken and the target group (34 years) was observed. Interaction with parents and educational experts helped identify the pros and cons of the existing system. Simultaneously, the industrial context was studied in detail and this gave an insight into the working style of the edutainment industry that specialised in physical games. Analysis of existing games on questioning skills and their characteristics was analysed with respect to different age groups. A market survey of existing toys and storytelling kits was done with respect to the different age groups and an interactive session was conducted.

Varied experimentation and analysis created several concepts. These concepts were analysed keeping user and contextual requirements in mind. The concepts were also tried out along with the user and discussed with the project guide. Finally, three concepts were detailed and developed for three different age groups. The production was done independently as the company did not have a production unit, and it was an initial project to start a design unit in the existing scenario.

This project helped understand target consumers and their psychology; it was indeed a valuable learning experience.
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