Gunjan Agrawal |

Earth Ethos: Activity-based Textile Toys which Create Awareness about Endangered Animals

Guide Gayatri Menon
Sponsor Sunlord Apparels Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Keywords catapult principle;DIY kits;eco-friendly textiles;motor skills

The project focused on creating toys made with textiles; the toys would be used for creating awareness about endangered animals in an environment-friendly way or by using sustainable materials.

As part of research, visits were undertaken to various schools, shops, and houses around Delhi-NCR where most of the consumers belonging to higher-middle and middle class families reside; an attempt was made to understand their needs, requirements, and psychology. It was observed that for a child, a toy is not just a toy; the child develops an emotional attachment with it. Also, children mostly learn by exploring and experiencing things by themselves. In the market, there is a variety of DIY kits and parents are willing to spend money on a toy which has some activity involving children.

The project looked into activities such as throwing, targeting, hitting, assembling, pretending, and developed two ranges of toys. The first range is called, Green Energy Rangers and the second one is, Let's Make a Mask. The first range includes five different toys based on the catapult principle. One can target anything and can launch the toy to the target. It functions due to a built-in elastic mechanism. The second range includes four different endangered animal character masks. The masks are provided with various parts so that a child can assemble or make it and wear it. This kind of activity helps children improve their motor skills. Both the ranges are entirely made of eco-friendly textiles.

Working in an export house was a good learning experience; it helped understand the importance of quality management in mass production processes.
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