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Cricket Bats for Indian Player Profiles

Guide Gayatri Menon
Sponsor Sanspariels Greenlands - SG
Keywords body structure;categorisation;player profiles;user survey analysis

SG is the biggest company manufacturing cricketing products in India. This project aimed at designing bats for specific categories of players. The objective was to decide the shape and swing of the bat that could be recommended to the batsman according to the respective body structure and style of batting.

The project began with a detailed study of the company, its vision, followed by a study of the market and different users. A holistic approach comprising research, ideation, form development, and production was adopted. A pre-research with players, doctors, and coaches, as also a user survey analysis helped in the explorations towards the final product development.

The process followed was to make broad categories of player profiles, so as to design bats that could be standardised to help the players perform better and avoid injuries. This categorisation helped in catering to the various needs of different players, according to their body structure, style of batting, attitude, posture, and such other factors. The quality and consistency of products that the company is known for was also kept in mind to deliver a quality product.

The key learning from this project was to understand the company and its objective and positively deliver a product to suit the players to the optimum level. There was lot of learning in the process in terms of making products that could meet the highest level of aesthetics and workability. The project taught how to work towards the vision of achieving a good outcome in terms of products and benefit the company, while still maintaining the integrity of one’s initial concept and vision.
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