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Exploring Possibilities in Real-time Collaboration on 3D Content over Web

Guide Dr Bibhudutta Baral
Sponsor Design Play Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Keywords navigation;real-time 3D collaboration;;web browsers

Projects involving 3D CAD require a lot of three-dimensional models to be available on hand. In this context, designing a new device means carrying a lot of 3D data. This data becomes obsolete as changes are made back at the office, challenging the design, manufacturing, and modelling efficiencies. As a result, individuals spend many hours on and off the job site, collaborating with a client; it is not uncommon for them to have a geographically dispersed team of collaborators working simultaneously on large 3D CAD files for a project. is an application platform that aims to solve all 3D content collaboration related issues.

This project explored the possibility in real-time collaboration on 3D content over web and mobile devices. The project looks into the methods that designers and design teams use to collaborate on 3D content. One part of this project explored possibilities found when collaboration was possible in real time.

The project involved understanding 3D collaboration tools and the technology behind them; user research was done to understand interaction behaviour in the current ecosystem. The study discovered interface and interaction issues of the old version of, further to summarising the usability issues. Secondly, it also realised that the application had a major navigation problem that had to be resolved. Thirdly, was considered to have scattered and unorganised features which made it difficult for the users to achieve their goals.

The larger goal was to view as a platform to democratise design, vis--vis enabling users to share, review, present, and analyse 3D content in real time over web and mobile devices (thin clients). Also, for exploring the modern domain of real-time 3D collaboration, the project focused on finding opportunities while interacting with 3D content over web browsers.
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