Gaurang Rajan Nagre |

Future Car for General Motors

Guide Vipul Vinzuda
Sponsor General Motors (Chevrolet)
Keywords hypothetical characters;Math Model;tape drawing;tape rendering

This project was about designing a car for Chevrolet (General Motors) for 2030 with no preconceived solutions in the beginning.

An overall timeline was prepared. Different concepts of a car based on scientific principles borrowed directly from nature were generated. It was decided to classify the project in terms of aspects such as: Urban Flow and Inside Out. Brainstorming was done to understand the factors that affected transport. Further research for scenarios in India in 2030 was conducted at Bengaluru, Pune, and Guwahati. This research was combined into a huge collage, open for feedback and comments.

“The day in life scenarios” was created for each city using hypothetical characters. Following this, the design brief was restructured. Twelve themes were developed. The final theme selected had the driver seat in tandem with the passenger seat. The profile of the car was sketched. The uniqueness of the concept was the elevated seating pattern. Templates of mannequins were created with different package layouts. Sketching was then done as overlay on these templates. Tape drawing and tape rendering was followed by clay modeling. A photo shoot of this model was conducted in natural light at different times. A Math Model was also constructed to get a clearer picture of the design.

This project was an exciting journey, aimed to strike the right balance between meaningful radicalism and emotions, and at the same time, come up with an original idea.
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