Laldintluangi Tochhawng |

Across Boundaries: Idealising Home

Guide Chakradhar Saswade
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords family portraits;narrative;refugees;tribal minorities

The Chin people of Burma are a group of tribal minorities in West Burma, who have been greatly oppressed since the military junta rule in 1962. The Chins, who are mostly Christians, face religious persecution. Due to immense afflictions by the military junta, religious oppression and poor economy, many are left with no option but to leave their homeland.

For many Chins, India is a destination for refuge, so finding their way to New Delhi; they seek protection from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), as the Indian government does not provide protection to refugees, except Tibetans. This project aims to highlight the idea of home for the displaced Chin refugees and asylum seekers in New Delhi; their life is drastically different from their ethnic brethren across the border.

The project began by a research on Chins, their tradition and culture. These were a few aspects explored through the project. The information received was recorded and attempts were made to try different approaches to connect. A few approaches included portraits and family portraits, considering the invisible connection that sparked when it was decided to move ahead with the narrative. After understand the poem, the shootings were done in order to connect them to the poem.

The experience of living and experiencing the separation first hand was something very touching. Setting it up and putting the narrative helped understand them a lot better. Overall, it was a good experience which helped one face a lot of ups and downs.
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