Ishaan Dixit |

Reflection of Million Distorted Thoughts and Silhouettes

Guide Dr Deepak John Mathew
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords base reality;nudity;overlays;self-portraiture

The aim of this project was to understand the concept of self-portraits, performance art, and nudity in fine arts and to recreate it in a self-exploratory way by studying earlier work on the subject done by master photographers and painters. There is very little documentation on nudity in Indian art, especially in the genre of photography; works on this topic are not very definitive. The final product had to be a body of work in the form of performance art or indulging human forms in a personal perspective which shall be documented into photographs.

Research work included referring to existing literature in order to get a focused perspective on art and society. Discussions with the guide about portraits, art, and performances and their documentation were essential for creating a meaningful body of work through this project. A study was done on how photographers decided frames and approaches to document things and take decisions during processes that could justify their project best.

Every photograph has different meanings and many interpretations (both free to be judged as one perceives them). The question is which one should be taken as a base reality. Both interpretation and meaning for everything else on earth either keeps changing or diminishes after a while. Then, by what power are these photographs kept as for records of something that has not happened in front of one’s own eyes but captured and interpreted by a third person?

Four approaches were explored in self-portraiture and the final solution was a combination of overlays of medical photographs resembling CT Scans with the earlier two approaches. In several ways, this project was a valuable learning experience and journey in self-exploration.
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