Suvrata Yadav |

Store Design for BIBA

Guide C S Susanth
Keywords brand identity;consumer insights;ethnic wear segment;space language

This project focused on recreating the brand identity for BIBA by means of its flagship store design. BIBA has already established itself in the ethnic wear segment; however, for the brand conscious customer, BIBA has little to offer in terms of a brand image. To establish itself as a brand, it must change its identity to reflect its strong position in the market as a premier ethnic wear brand. However, this shift in perception should not come at the cost of alienating its existing customer base.

The design process began by understanding the brand, the way it connects with consumers and vice-versa, understanding the consumer, personas , and what the brand BIBA meant to them. This study gave insights about consumers’ behaviour, their perceptions, motivations, as well as buying behaviour. A parallel study was done to understand the space concerns of stores such as FabIndia and Zara; this helped understand emerging retail trends and the way brands portrayed their character through their products as well as space language to create an effective shopping experience that has high recall value.

This project fused two seemingly mutually exclusive concepts together to create a brand identity that provides a viable solution by clever use of common elements of perception in two different customer bases. This was achieved by developing a concept derived from consumer insights, presented through 3D models , layouts, zoning and design of display systems, and creating a signature BIBA element.

This project was a good opportunity to work in an energetic environment, being constantly guided by both one’s peers and supervisors; this helped deal with the complete design process and learn the nuances related to it.
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