Saloni Sinha |

Connected Retail

Guide V S Ravishankar
Sponsor Moonraft Innovation Labs
Keywords data richness;digital media;information access;virtual browser

Today, information access (music, video, audio, text, and images) has evolved from rigid hardware frameworks to more pervasive formats (social, anytime, anywhere). There is a huge potential in retail to combine data richness of online shopping with the classiness of product interaction in the present times.

This project focused on exploring the possibilities of digital media venturing into the retail sector. Research was done in terms of awareness and on understanding user experience in retail. This was followed by envisioning a number of new ideas and concepts, which were further polished and improvised and detailed to the level of execution. The objective was to build a working prototype for retail scenario which is interactive in nature, has an aesthetic appeal to pull out customers who can use the device, and is universal and useful. Thus, virtual browser was picked as the final deliverable.

The virtual browser makes it possible to not only browse the chairs but also have an option to view the furniture in different background spaces where one can view one’s own picture with the furniture as foreground. Such installation can be helpful in small store where space is a constraint.

This project gave a lot of information on the use of digital media in retail and how it enhances the experience of the retail environment.
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