Bharat Parmar |

A Ruthless Woman

Guide Ajay Tiwari
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords colour temperature;epilepsy;Indian society;magnification

This film is inspired by real characters and issues in contemporary Indian society. Though it does not have a classical narrative structure, it has a plot which explores the behaviour of a middle-class Indian girl suffering from epilepsy; she had been facing troubles in relationships and had learnt to accept her condition and go on with life.

The form of the film is slightly ambiguous, constant, distant, and elaborate. An attempt has been made to project all the events as realistically and minimally as possible. The film creates a subtle contrast between the house being suffocative; and the outside, relatively airy and peaceful. In the film, wide angles were used; the permanent residents of that locality are surrounded by the constant sound of a printing press and traffic, but they are already immune to these sounds.

The film was shot in Ahmedabad over a period of three days with a very low budget and a small crew. The overall tone of the film was visualised as being greyish blue and the colour temperature was kept to 3600 always. The magnification was kept wide so as to convey the feeling of emptiness and suffocation; this also helped the character merge with the ambience all the time. A few ambience sounds and diegetic electronic sounds were used in the film.

This project was a good avenue to present one’s observations, experiences, and speculations in an audio-visual form. Also, the systematic procedure to execute the project has given precise guidance and comprehensive feedback about one’s learning from the institute.
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