Ritika Khasgiwale | ritikakhasgiwale@gmail.com

Space Design for Innovation Labs, P&G

Guide C S Susanth
Sponsor Procter & Gamble
Keywords experiential,;High Frequency stores (HFS) ;intuitive movement;modular design

This project was about designing the Innovation Labs for Procter & Gamble (P&G). This facility had to be designed by keeping in mind that these offices are to carry out business and market research on High Frequency stores (HFS). The objective of this project was to design a state of art centre that would help marketers and researchers create an artificial but seemingly real environment of High Frequency Stores. It incorporated not only knowledge zones for the researchers, but also exhibition rooms to impart different concepts/knowledge to visitors in a very interactive manner, focusing on creating an “experience”.

The design process began by understanding the emerging market environment on shoppers and retailers. Simultaneously, a parallel study was conducted on similar spaces such as research facilities and exhibition areas. This stage helped recreate different environment through lighting and modular design and make provisions for using various displays and sophisticated tools.

These exhibition rooms are designed to incorporate the mixture of 2D/3D props and tools, digital and physical world, and stimuli to engage multiple senses in a way that these installations bring conceptual ideas to life in the physical environment ¬and be highly interactive for visitors. They enable easy assimilation of knowledge by visitors and are experiential in nature. The rooms are designed to have intuitive movement of visitors.
The project gave a lot of domain-specific knowledge in retail space such as the design guidelines for branding, packaging, marketing for HFS environment, as well as exposure to a corporate multinational culture besides the opportunity to interact with other artists and designers.
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