Mayur Bhansali |

The Chai Story: Brand Activation for Flavoured Taj Mahal Tea Bags

Guide C S Susanth
Sponsor Hindustan Unilever Research Center
Keywords brand activation;consumer study;innovative packaging;package design

This project looked at the brand activation of flavoured Taj Mahal tea bags. Since the market was already saturated with classic tea, the company forayed into tea bags, and later to flavoured tea bags. However, despite different flavours, competitors such as Twinings and Tetley had captured the market.

In the initial stages, it was important to understand the brandís attributes. It was essential to acquire information available as seen on packaging, at point-of-sales, and other multimedia resources. A consumer study helped divide the consumers into three categoriesónon-drinkers, recent starters, and experienced drinkers; it helped understand tea making and drinking behaviour. This study showed that consumers were not too aware of flavoured tea bags; hence, the design brief was redesigned to focus on several brand activation ideas. Four themes were explored: Power to Choose, Minutes on Holiday, Aroma, and What is your Flavour Today?

Package design was the key and apart from colours, the contour of the package differentiated the product on the shelf. The interaction with the package at different stages emphasising on picking up the pack from the shelf, opening the pack, and using the tea bag and its use thereafter is what was kept in mind while designing the pack. Form inspirations for the package were based on Lego, trapeze, and the Taj minaret. Innovative packaging was essential to move away from the usual rectangular box pack, for getting an edge above the competitors, and for conveying a better sensory experience. Other activation ideas through different media, apart from packaging, were also explored.

This project was a good opportunity to work in a corporate environment. Interaction with individuals at various levels was indeed rewarding as was the understanding gained about the technicalities of production.
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