Kavya Agrawal | kavya@kaagazi.com

E-commerce Website for Kaagazi

Guide Rupesh Vyas
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords grid-based approach;social economics;structural balance;visual aesthetics

Kaagazi is a start-up venture that required an e-commerce website to market and sell its products. Kaagazi sells exclusive hand bound notebooks and journals. The aim of this project was to increase sales, provide information, and promote the brand, besides creating a strong online presence; the project involved streamlining back-end operations, web promotions, and customer service.

The project required extensive research in the field of e-commerce and social economics. The design was implemented after considering all stakeholders which included the customer. Visualising and presenting information in a coherent manner for any user of the website was essential to the design process. The process consisted of understanding the business goals of Kaagazi, expectation of users, and the ethos of the company.

Considering the subtle needs and nuances of a shopper was the most interesting phase of this project. Visual decisions were based on laws of perception and cognition that were learnt at NID over the years. The main idea behind a grid-based approach is a strong visual and structural balance of the website. With the end deliverable of a visual, came a plethora of other operational and managerial design decisions in order to unify form with function.

Besides the visual aesthetics, this project helped one understand that the design is in the details. The delicacy and beauty of the design is such that it recedes into the background and is only visible when those details are absent. This project brought was a convergence of business and design goals, both of which are very important for to excel as a design entrepreneur.
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