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Publication Design: Magarpatta City, An Architectural Monograph

Guide Dr Jignesh Khakhar
Sponsor Space Designers
Keywords architectural drawing styles;information architecture;sustainable town planning;Titillium Light font

This project was about designing an architectural monograph, narrating the design evolution of Magarpatta City, Pune. Magarpatta City is a 430 acre integrated future-ready township with twenty-four distinct neighbourhoods.

Cybercity, which surrounds the Central Aditi Gardens, is also home to the first IT park in Pune. There are 120 farmers who are the original landowners of the agricultural plot of today’s Magarpatta; they came together to develop their land into an economically and environmentally viable township, and they are the chief stakeholders of the property. The sponsors felt that there was a need to tell the story of its evolution from an architect’s point of view, for often, as one knows, a monument exists without the memory of when and how it came to be.

Content generation was done thorough research, questionnaires, interviews, and by sorting more than 6000 photographs and organising them according to print-priority basis. Work was done on information architecture, editing the content, creating graphics to support text that had no photographs, render maps from CAD drawings, and finally compiling it into a monograph. Improvements were made in the selected layout and an asymmetrical two column grid was selected. Keeping a lot of white space, thick and thin lines were experimented with to emphasise on architectural drawing styles with often overlapping lines. Titillium Light font for the main text was set at size 10 pt with a leading of 16 pt. The outcome was a thin large-format squarish hard bound monograph that allows the reader to easily see the details in the maps, photos, and plans.

This project helped one learn how to organise large amounts of information and provide deliverables in record time.
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