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Reveling Rewa

Guide Tarun Deep Girdher
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords Narmada Bachao Andolan;river;self-discovery;visual depiction

Documenting the life and journey of the river Narmada, is what this project was all about. The river begins its journey from the foothills of the Vindhyachal and Satpuda ranges.

This project is a visual depiction of the riverís journey, capturing its myriad phases as it flows through umpteen villages, towns, and cities, before merging with the vast Arabian Sea. The river has been the root of many a controversy. Innumerable dams have been constructed on this river, many villages have been submerged, and its populace displaced and relocated. Organisations such as the Narmada Bachao Andolan have been fighting over this issue for over two decades now.

This project was an attempt to analyse what was the real story behind this mighty river and many thousands of lives that the river influenced, touched, and salvaged. Traversing 2000 kilometers, across15 cities and towns, about 2000 pictures of the river were taken, in the final stage of the project, 35 pictures that would tell the story of the riverís journey was selected.

This project was an opportunity to discover the untold stories and facts about the Narmada and about the people who revered it. It also helped discover places which were hitherto unknown. The project made possible interactions with people who have been working for the protection and preservation of this ancient river; it was indeed a process of self-discovery.
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