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Range of Womenís Handbags for Brand CAPRESE

Guide Shimul Mehta Vyas
Sponsor VIP Industries Ltd
Keywords design process;ideation;handbags segment;prototyping

This project marked VIPís foray into to the handbags segment, this, when the market for handbags already has established brands along with small market players who are almost unknown.

Research on the culture and lifestyle of Indian women was the most interesting part in the project. Studying the market with regard to the consumers and their preferences was an important part of the design process.
The design process learnt at NID imparted a holistic approach to the project from every point of research, ideation, and form exploration to the final prototyping. The design procedure was very well appreciated and accepted by the design team and the company head. The project taught one how to work towards the vision of the company to achieve the results. It also taught one to deliver good results without losing the integrity of the initial concepts. The important learning apart from meeting the deadlines, being organised, communicating the ideas and presenting them effectively, was maintaining the balance between the design concepts and the feasibility of executing them.

This project was a good opportunity to enhance oneís knowledge about functioning and working in the industry, adhering to the guidelines and the project brief, and meeting real life constraints. Working in the office, design studio, and the factory helped keep an open mind to trials which enriched the design process.

It is essential that designers do not to lose out on the creative and innovative ideas or get discouraged by the difficulties in implementing them. The project also taught how simple ideas should never be undermined as they could turn out to be wonderful solutions in the end.
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