Priyanka Vachhani |

Bag Collections for Benetton, India

Guide Amit Sinha
Sponsor United colors of Benetton
Keywords domestic trends;fashion forecast;mood boards;Multi Brand Outlets (MBO)

This project was about designing handbags for men and women for the sponsor, United Colors of Benetton (UCB). These bags would be retailed through Multi Brand Outlets (MBO). UCB is an international brand that retails in India through multiple channels.

The first part of the project was about understanding the design language of UCB and its requirements in India. Research was done on the accessories market, consumers, domestic trends, fashion forecasts were done, and runway reports were also referred to. The second part of the project was to develop persona boards and mood boards based on the analysis and exploration of different forms and materials; prototyping was done based on these.

In-depth research was conducted to understand and identify the real consumers so that the real design direction could be determined with regard to the appropriate market. It was quite challenging to convince the entire team and prove to them that the thought process behind various concepts. This project taught how to work towards the vision of the company and come up with a good outcome without losing the integrity of the project brief. This project taught how essential it was to come up with concepts that can be converted into viable products, which in turn, can meet the needs of the consumers and gives them value for money.

The learning received at NID helped change one’s earlier perception of things. There was a sense of achievement in being able to apply the design process learnt at NID to such an important project. This project gave one an opportunity to amalgamate different aspects while coming up with a design solution that would have a strong presence in the market.
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